Holy family consists of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.In the biblical stories of Jesus, Mary and Joseph we see their example of virtuous living.The Virgin Mary did not flinch, but faithfully cared for and raised Jesus;St. Joseph followed God’s lead in his life as he protected the Holy Family;Jesus’ faithfulness to his heavenly Father was unwavering.Holy family is often made into a sculpture to commemorate.
Holy Family sculpture has many different designs, and their family scenes have many different time periods, including a sculpture when Mary was pregnant, a family when Jesus was a baby, a harmonious family scene when Jesus was young, and a family reading together.The sculptures show the harmonious family in which Jesus grew up.Our company has a variety of Holy Family sculptures, with different materials, such as copper, marble and FRP, each of which presents a different vivid picture.This sculpture can also be presented in many forms, such as life-size garden decoration, figure sculpture placed in church, or wall decoration figure relief…
We have a professional carving technology, has many years of experience in making religious figures sculpture.We will understand the characteristics of the characters through the understanding of the story of the characters, and inject the soul of the characters into the vivid sculpture, every detail and eye movements are exquisitely portrayed.This sculpture makes people look to the holy family as an example of the Christian family.If you want to customize a Holy Family sculpture, please contact us, and we will make a work to your satisfaction.

Hot Holy Family Sculptures

holy family sculpture
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Holy family statue
Holy family marble statue
The Holy Family bronze
The Holy Family bronze Statue
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Holy family religious garden statues
jesus holy family
Church jesus holy family Marble statue
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Outdoor Bronze Holy Family
The holy family statue for Merry Christmas Eve Day
Bronze Holy Family Jesus statue
garden marble holy family
garden marble holy family
Religious Jesus holy family bronze sculpture for church
Bronze Holy Family Sculpture

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Frequenty Asked Questions

1.Casting / Carving Sculpture Of Jesus by hand.

Use lost-wax process make a metal statues of jesus. Carving stone statue of jesus by hand.

2.Which materials statues of Jesus we can?

We can custom a jesus statue in metal ( copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel ), Stone ( nature marble ), Fiberglass ( resin ).

3.How custom statues of Jesus in my factory?

1-Confirm your design of jesus. Match the material to it.

2-Creat a 1:1 clay mold depends on your prefer design of jesus.

3-Casting metal statue or Carving stone statue depends on the clay mold.

4-Patina color or polish finish.

5-packing and shipping for you.

4.How does our statues of Jesus satisfied every client?

Provide online visualization of processes for every client. We start every new step till got you confirmed from last step. For examply,when we finished the clay mold of jesus. We will take pictures and video to you. You confirmed the clay mold. Then,we will casting copper statue depends on the clay mold. If you need modify,we will modify the clay mold till you satisfaction.

5.Where can got an inquiry?

Simply click below button, and get your free, no obligation quotation today!👇👇👇

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