Jesus Sculpture Project

This Large Bronze Jesus Statue is one of the sculptures commonly used in church,its total height is about 10feet,this sculpture shows Jesus paraying open arms,and he looked down at us with sweet smile.Our artist are very attentive to all details,we could see Jesus’s face and movements very clearly.our bronze sculptures are cast using the traditional lost wax method,the development of this process is very sophisticated now.

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In addition to bronze sculptures, we has many other materials for sculptures. Such as marble, stainless steel, iron, etc. About religious sculptures, our Outdoor Bronze Religious Sculptures and marble religious sculptures are very popular.




Sculpture Project


March 28, 2018


Art Sculpture

Our Technology-Lost Wax Method

Our method of making bronze sculptures uses the traditional lost wax method, and this is also the case with this Jesus sculpture. Generally, we would first make clay sculptures of bronze sculptures, and we use a 1: 1 model when making clay molds. Then use gypsum or silicone to remake the mold. After we complete the mold, we must seal the molten paraffin and inject it into the prepared gypsum mold, and then wrap the prepared wax mold with quartz sand layer by layer, and use the traditional lost wax method to cast during the casting process. After we complete the above manufacturing, we must polish and stitch the weld, then color and seal the wax. Through these steps, we completed our Large Bronze Christ Jesus Statue.

casting of religious art sculptures

The 1:1 Clay Mold We Had Made For Our Customers

clay of religious art sculptures