Michelangelo Pieta

Michelangelo’s Pieta is a very famous religious art sculpture. The 1498 Michelangelo Pieta marble statue was created for St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. It is by far Michelangelo’s most pathetic work and is undoubtedly his best-known. Michelangelo, 23, was commissioned by French Cardinal Jean De Lagola. Make a marble statue of the Holy Mother and the Pitiful Child. Michelangelo spent two years between 1498 and 1499 on this magnificent sculpture. As a work of his youth, this Pieta already shows the magnificence of his sculpture.

The vertical Madonna and the horizontal child form a perfectly balanced pyramid due to the large garments of the Virgin. The dead Jesus lay relaxed in his mother’s arms. His mother was astonishingly young, almost unlike his mother. In this way, he portrays the sanctity of the Virgin unlike any other. Michelangelo created a work of absolute perfection. The beauty of the body of Christ and the beauty of the face of the Virgin reflect the divine light. But the pain was there, and the Virgin was full of pain. But she looked helplessly, even tenderly, towards her son as he lay in her arms. We also named it “Michelangelo sculpture of Mary holding Jesus“.

The Michelangelo Pieta marble statue in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome is Michelangelo’s only signed work. It’s a masterpiece of the Golden age of the Italian Renaissance, where everything is so harmonious and perfect. Since Pieta Michelangelo, no artist has done more on the subject than Michelangelo. Michelangelo Pieta stands like a mountain. Michelangelo was obviously influenced and inspired by the artists of the Middle Ages and was a re-creation standing on the shoulders of his predecessors. The spirit of humanism returns to the works, showing that it transcends the bounds of religious compassion and shows the power of great love in the world. Our carving techniques are superb and we have Michelangelo Pieta sculptures in copper and marble for your choice… Or, you can find more Jesus and Mary sculptures.

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marble pieta michelangelo sculptures
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