Religious Figure Sculpture art an important role in religious decoration. God is a spirit that exists in the believer. We can only communicate with God through sincere faith. But, if we use religious figure sculptures to communicate with the gods. Sculptural figures establish visual meaning between believers and gods. The spirit transmitted by god can be expressed in a limited physical form. This is exactly what the sculptors from Aongking of religious figures sculptures do. No matter Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Taoism, all need to use sculpture to express the image of God in the form of art. Not just individual figure sculptures. It can also be a scene sculpture with the participation of characters. For example, the Pieta statue, Stations of the Cross, Holy family statue, and so on. These sculptures often embody the loftiness of the gods in the form of huge figures. The idol of the person is the object of worship. Let the believer have a strong contrast with the imagination. Can deepen people’s sense of awe.

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