How did Easter come about?

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It is observed on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox, which typically falls between March 22 and April 25. Easter is a major holiday in the Christian calendar and is celebrated by millions of people around the world. It is a time for reflection, prayer, and joy, and is marked by various customs and traditions such as Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter sculptures, and special church services. In addition to its religious significance, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ also has cultural and secular aspects. For example, in many countries, it is a public holiday and a time for families to gather, exchange gifts and share meals together.

Resurrection of Jesus Christ is considered the oldest, most significant, and most significant holiday by believers in Jesus Christ around the world. Many church leaders and theologians believe that it is more important than commemorating the Christmas Day of Jesus’ birth. Without the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Bible would be hypocritical. The entire edifice of the church system would collapse. Because what is to be celebrated is the important resurrection of Jesus Christ, churches around the world hold solemn ceremonies every year. On Easter Day, the church is full of strength and rhythm, like a spring thunder breaking through the sky, announcing the good news of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

How does each country hold activities on Easter?

On the Resurrection of Jesus Christ’s Day, many people paint boiled eggs with Easter-related patterns. For example, crosses, nails, lilies, rabbits, and so on are decorated in colorful colors. Then exchange notes to remind each other of Jesus’ resurrection. Some people also like to play the game of finding colored eggs. Adults first hide the colored eggs in the garden grass and let the children find them. Anyone who finds colored eggs must say the meaning of the patterns on the eggs. For example, the cross is where Jesus died for us, and the nail is a reminder that Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross. Of course, the sculpture of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is also an indispensable decoration.

In some Western countries, grand religious parades are also held. The believers, dressed in robes, and carrying crosses in their hands, walked barefoot in the streets. They will dress up as celebrities in the history of Christianity and then sing together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Although today’s parades are less religious and have some festive elements, they also have local characteristics. The main purpose of a British parade is to introduce local customs and history, so everyone in the parade will dress up as a Scottish-style band or a guardian of the royal palace to attract tourists. In the United States, you will also see if there are some cute cartoon characters in the parade. Different countries have different characteristics and will highlight local characteristics.

Why Easter commemorates Jesus?

According to the Bible, Jesus, the Son of God, was born in a manger. When he was thirteen years old, he selected twelve students and began preaching. For three and a half years, he healed, preached, cast out demons, helped all kinds of people in need, and taught the principles of the kingdom of heaven to others. Until the time appointed by God came, Jesus Christ was betrayed by the disciple Judas, captured, interrogated, and crucified by Roman soldiers. Before his death, he prophesied that he would rise again in three days. Indeed, on the third day, Jesus was resurrected. According to the interpretation of the Bible, Jesus Christ is transformed into the Son of the flesh to redeem the sins of the world in the afterlife. Become the scapegoat of the world. That’s why Easter is so important. People begin to commemorate Jesus on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ’s Day.

Although Jesus was crucified like a prisoner, his death was not his sin. But to atone for the sins of the world according to God’s plan. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead signifies his success in atoning for our sins. Anyone who believes in him and confesses to him can be forgiven by God. The resurrection of Jesus represents his victory over death. Therefore, whoever trusts in Him will have eternal life, that is, to be with Jesus forever. Because Jesus is still alive. So he can hear us praying to him, will take care of our daily lives, give us strength, and fill every day with hope. That’s why Jesus Easter commemorates Jesus.

“Resurrection” is unbelievable both today and in ancient times. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is not acceptable to natural people by reason. The level of Jesus’ resurrection has its unique structure, which is completely different from any level of the world. But he is indeed a historical fact, so only through the revelation of the Bible and Jesus Christ himself can we know that Jesus’ resurrection is true. Although no one has seen the resurrection of Jesus Christ, some have seen the resurrected Jesus. Jesus himself revealed himself to all people through manifestation, not only revealing the truth of the resurrection event but also revealing the significance of the resurrection.

From a religious perspective, the symbolic significance of Easter sculpture indicates that the death and demagogue of Jesus Christ symbolize the purification of religion. It shows that death is not the end, but the beginning of a new life. It also shows that humanity can obtain redemption from sin and start a new life again. The symbolic significance of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ also expresses God’s power and compassion, God’s love and grace, and people’s fear of God.

Jesus sculptures are often used as decorations or gifts during Easter. For some Christian believers, buying and displaying Jesus sculptures is a way to express their faith. Especially the sculpture where Jesus was crucified. It is a reminder that Easter commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, emphasizing one of the key elements of faith. In some sects, Jesus’ sculptures can also be used for prayer and worship. In some countries and regions, people may give Jesus sculptures as gifts during Easter or use them as decorations for families and communities. Aongking Church Customs Team has many Jesus sculptures and other religious sculptures for you to choose from.