The Apostles of Jesus, also known as the Twelve Apostles, were a group of men chosen by Jesus Christ to be his closest followers and to carry on his mission after his death and resurrection. They played a crucial role in the establishment and spread of Christianity. According to the New Testament of the Christian Bible. As of my last update in September 2021, there isn’t a specific “Apostles of Jesus statue” that universally refers to a single, widely known sculpture. However, sculptures and artworks depicting the Twelve Apostles of Jesus, also known as the Twelve Disciples, are found in various forms and locations worldwide.

The Apostles of Jesus sculptures might depict an apostle with distinctive features, such as the attributes they are associated with or the events from their lives, as recorded in the New Testament. For example, Saint Peter may be portrayed with keys, representing his role as the “gatekeeper” of heaven, and Saint Thomas may be depicted holding a carpenter’s square, symbolizing his occupation.

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